Monday, April 23, 2018

Still another, and very sad, but short, article on Necco

Hope that this can turn around, but speaking of Necco almost all know, New England Confectionery Company, in short Necco, is apparently almost coming to an end..

NECCO, currently just over 170 (since 1847), has this year announced its apparent impending closure. Reason not exactly known, but the company, now joined by Toys R Us in joining Company Heaven, may, like TRUS be saved if a buyer comes up or something.

I sure hope readers know: I lovvvve Necco wafers..and Sky Bars, Clark bars, etc.from the company (and love going into those stores.)

More coming..

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy New Years, and some more on Necco(r) Chocolate Wafers, and 3rd.Anniv.

Well, it has been another year, happy 2018, and 3rd ANNIVERSARY OF this blog..(I was influenced by Cybele May of, nice shout out..) and now Neccos..again. Chocolate ones.

I was buying (TWO bucks? >:<( at one of the remaining 5 and 10s (despite what Wrong-a-pedia says) known as Kirby's, of Necco all-chocolate wafers (yet again) and enjoyed them. Someone on Bonethefish, said "it's like Tootsie rolls being Lindt chocolate"(WHOA!!!!). I think they're excelle;lnt for cupcakes and yogurt toppings, every bit as much as by themselves,a s well as for other uses. I'd love to save me some Necco wafers of any kind..I love me some Necco wafers (again ,of any kind.) As Sally Field would say on "Gidget";Toodles! (And we can count on her having some with best gal pal Larue (Lynn Winter..))

Also, hope you enjoyed the past Holidays, Easter candy, Hallowe'en candy,etc.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Watch How PEEPS® Are Made


Bad Baby Peeps Candy In Real Life Family Funny Video

Man Eats 200 Peeps in One Sitting (World Record)

Just Me and my Peeps

PeepsTM candy marshmallow were invented back in 1953 by Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based, Just Born, Inc. and have been a longtime staple of Easter.

The candy has crystallised sugar crystals on top of yellow marshmallows shaped like bunnnies or ducks. Simple as that. In later years, by the 1960s, they expanded
into a major industry of their own. In the last several decades, they've been in all imaginable colours and shapes:
Purple duck
Green Bunnies
Brown Poops (just kidding!)
and so on.

Even sour (YECH) Peeps.

While Just Born Inc. has gone into also Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike, the sugar coated 'mallows are their trademarks and most popular candy. Today,
you can find the marshmallows (like "normal" rather than Circus Peanuts) year-round, but still especially at Easter.

Here's some videos..