Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rainbow Colored Peanut marshamllows

On Sunday, April 19, 2015, I went to Unviersal Studios Hollywood and went to the CityWalk to It's Sugar candy store. I found the It's Sugar-rebranded-Spangler assorted Circus peanut marshmallows.

Even with the classic orange color/banana flavor pairing it was nice to get some color/flavor variety:
Yellow......lemon (yeah.....I know: why not ORANGE? Orange colored standard circus peanuts are flavored like the yellow fruit banana..)

The Spangler stamp imprint was all over them. These candies get repackaged and resold since 1911..oh, wait..that was Lewis Black's very well known candy corn comment.

Anyway, if you stop by a mall or anything like that or like Universal (and Vegas's Venetian has this but I didn't buy them then) that has It's Sugar check the four colored Circus peanuts. But don't tell 'em I sent ya!:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Tale of two Circus Peanut brands

The public domain status of CIRCUS PEANUTS (TM-NOT) has resulted in many companies (and packagers for stores!) offering the famed marshmallows. The two most frequently seen where I am, are Melster, especially in Dollar tree where any size (6 Peanuts per serving of 4, x 4, 24 or 7x4 for 28) can be bought for the nice, comfy price of $1.00, (and Family Dollar has in larger bags what seem to be that brand packed for them, that or Brachs, Farley or Sathers, certainly NOT Spangler), and Spangler, which is the brand that dominates (generally masquerading as instore drugstore brands). I went to Dollar Tree and one of those offering
the Spangler brands (Rite Aid, yeah, it doesn't SAY Spangler but it HAS the name on the candies!) and bought and mixed the candies in a bag.

Spangler is squishy due to the gelatin, and not only looking orange, but the usual mismatching banana flavor seems mixed in with orange flavor...

Melster has a more larger, "gummy" "peanut" with a banana bubblegum flavor (Banana Splits, one banana two banana anyone..?)

Mixing them in one bag (on my way to see the current animation movie "Home") was very odd..given that the two brands of Circus Peanuts are so different as described.....

Still, all in all, very interesting having both, and I've had both individually before.