Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Candy Canes by Spangler

My latest, Christmas Eve, post, had a report on my getting Spangler (Bryan, Ohio)-made Circus Peanuts from CVS/Pharmacy (their own brand, Gold Medal) as a Birthday present on December 8, and Ill addm, by my niece and her new husband, aka my son in law, and enjoyed them as usual.

Spangler dosn't seem to be known for much outside these..and the Dum Dums lollipops (like Tootsie Roll. Or the one(s) that Amanda Bynes as Penny Pingleton brandished in the 2007 movie version of the musical take on "Hairspray"). AND Another..Candy Canes. One quesiton:L

Does anyone know if those are labeled Spangler? Often times something that small doesn't have their name (Circus Peanuts ARE large enough to have the name on them, as the do). Well,anyway, happp holidays.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Circus Peanuts for a birthday..

How'd you like to have those nice, foamy, marshmallows. Yes, those this nears its second birthday (and thanks,specifically, to Cybele May, who runs Candyblog who sort of inspired this in the first place... Nice peanuts,huh?

Anyhow, December 8 was my birthday..we went to the local La Mirada,Calif. bar/grill and I got, among others, /Spangler Circus Peanuts,(Gold Medal "off brand" from CVS) two bags, and I enjoyed them, saved, saw, came, and ate them within a week,,though Melster's (sold in its own bags) are by all means even better and the bes,t

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Anyone for new Necco Flavors?

I.e., for the classic rolls...

Everyone's heard of the classic rolls, established in 1847 & consisting of these 8 flavors:

But what I think should have been done, at least to round it out to 10:

there are around 40 Necco wafers in the regular, 2 inch size rolls, enough for two of each.

10x2 would be a very good idea.. then we could also
add mint flavored..

Unless everyone's okay with ALL of those flavors in one roll..:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

They did the mash, the Cherry Mash

The Christopher's Big Cherry (now made by Adams and Brooks, the P-Nuttles folks, est.1887) is a well known lump of chocolate lumping its
brown yummy self aorund a pink nougat like fondant of maraschino cherry with a real cherry.

The Chase Cherry Mash is very similiar but without the longevity (1917- and the BC was already THIRTY YEARS old by then!-or the cherry).

The Idado Candy Company, located in Idaho and the maker of the Idaho Spud (which I have not had for ages), HAS made a Big Cherry/Cherry Mash like candy with a cherry,though.

I've had Chase's big Cherry when I go to Vegas, at the Lick candy store in Bally's lower level (south side of Flamingo road) and its pretty good, but they also have upstairs at the chekc in a store that guessed it, CX's Big Cherry, and sometimes I gotta have that cherry.. The Cherry Mash is exactly like the Boig Cheryr without the pit as said and is pretty good to eat and taste well, just so long that you don't expect any cherries. BY the way...although "cherries have pits" is on the other candies, I have NEVER experience ANY cherry pits in these.....

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Easter Egg & I


Easter, which this year, came last month (March), late March, is one of the most happily and popularily
candy-associated times, for PeepsTM Marshmallow chicks, for any brands we can grab our mitts on of chocolate
rabbits, Circus Peanuts (which used to be a spring thing..), and ducks, but most of all, for Easter Eggs-Cadbury's
Creme-Filled egg and chocolate, Brach's, Hershey's and others.

Hershey's has parlayed that peanut butter cup of theirs into their Reese's Brand "Reese's...Peanut Butter EGG"
while Nestle, Brach, Spangler, and endless others have jelly beans, circus peanut banana mallow type easter
chicks and bunnies,etc.

Palmer is one of the candies that does a lot of chocolate bunnies and easter eggs. Back when I'd go easter egg hunting
around 1965-1973, I'd get a lot of cococnut or marshmallow eggs, including those marashino cherry ones a la Christopher's
(various;now Adams and Brooks) Big Cherry or the Chase Co.'s Cherry Mash. Sometimes I';d get Big Cherries themselves.

I particularly enjoy the big malted milk egg looking candies and several companies (thankfully!) still make these. After
Easter, post-holiday discounts make these easier to buy at RiteAid, Walgreens,et cetera et cetera.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Hey, it's been a whole year since this blog was created, and several long overdue months since last postiong, on the peanut butter candy bars, so to
keep things peanut butter, and now with Easter here, EASTER themed, I'll have at it here.

The time of year is here..(rhyme intended..sort of) Easter. Easter Eggs, Easter Rabbits, and stuff.

At this time expect tasty, chocolate, or marshmallow, or jelly bean, or other flavor
Easter Yeggs (like that late 40s Bugs Bunny cartoon...." I wanna an Easter Egg! I wanna an Easter Egg! I"
get the idea.:)) .

For years Reese's Have had their two "great tastes that taste great together..peanut butter/chocolate",with
"Reese's Peanut Butter Cup". They have ALSO made for a long time (the way Necco wafers begat the first
"Be Me Valentine" chalky candies) "Reese's Peanut Butter Egg". There used to be, at least in 1971 which
generally is when I recall the first use of this, the sung jingle (CAPS to show how the melody went):
"Ree-SESSSS....PEA-nut BUT-ter CUP"! (All rights belong to Reese's/Hershey's. My apologies for quoting,
it is just there for describing it.  I wonder if such a tune for a variant exists for Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.... it MIGHT be sung.........."Reee-SEEES.....PEA-nut BUT-er EGG!"

The egg is rather like Reese's, and Butterfinger..but in an egg..only had a bit of one today..was at my
brother/sister-in law's house and had a bit from an opened"WHere's that Easter Egg..
I want an.."((C)1946,1947,WB Entertainment..from Easter Yeggs,1947)