Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Just Me and my Peeps

PeepsTM candy marshmallow were invented back in 1953 by Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based, Just Born, Inc. and have been a longtime staple of Easter.

The candy has crystallised sugar crystals on top of yellow marshmallows shaped like bunnnies or ducks. Simple as that. In later years, by the 1960s, they expanded
into a major industry of their own. In the last several decades, they've been in all imaginable colours and shapes:
Purple duck
Green Bunnies
Brown Poops (just kidding!)
and so on.

Even sour (YECH) Peeps.

While Just Born Inc. has gone into also Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike, the sugar coated 'mallows are their trademarks and most popular candy. Today,
you can find the marshmallows (like "normal" rather than Circus Peanuts) year-round, but still especially at Easter.

Here's some videos..


  1. And of course this is that time, and I've uploaded four videos from YouTube. For the third, with a cat, 9:14 should be where the Peeps part begins.

  2. Actually 6:33 is where the PeepsTM time with the guy andf girl starts. Deals with a tabby cat.