Thursday, July 9, 2015



What candy goes on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer's nose for a replacement nose?

Big Cherry, that's what!

Made for years by the Christopher Confectionery Company,Inc.for
this is LITERALLY, if you bite into it, revealed to be red enough to be
'shoved on other favorite reindeer's nose..

Big Cherry is currently produced by Adams and Brooks, Los Angeles, Calif. - y'know, those P'Nuttles guys- currently,
and comes like so many in dark chocolate versions...

Anyhow, here is the basic description.
The chocolate..nuts..
then the cherry marshmallow nougat

and then the actual Cherry (See? It acutallu has fruit!)

The candy is, not surprisingly, shaped somewhat like a cherry, in that it;'s round only much bigger.

This sits in both modern and so-called old time candy stores, interestingly, like Neccos (and in many cases) either
Melster, Spangler, or both Circus Peanut types and the Chic-O-Sticks, along with the more "cool" candies.

It was first manufactured in 1887 before rivals such as Chase's "Cherry Smash" (which appeared 20 to thirty years later)!
and is the oldest of the type: a chocolate coated cherry nougat or creme, in this case with maraschino cherry-a real one.

Biting into it the first time, well, to quote the American Pie movie phrase...."there's nothing quite like that first piece".

The outer has an exterior of immnsely-chopped-up nuts in chocolate, thus giving a unique
style of "gravelled" chocolate before you bite into the maraschino cherry easter eggy creme
and then to the maraschino cherry itself in the center proper.

The only difference between regular and dark is the chocolate and the cover.


  1. I am reminded of some delicious chocolate biscuits that Arnotts used to make. They were called Cherry Crowns. They were crown shaped with dark chocolate coating, pink marshmallow inside with a raspberry jam centre and a biscuit base. You may wish to have a look at my blog. I have articles on chocolates, insects, cats, poetry and prose etc. It is called Imaginative Licorice All Sorts.