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Since 1941, M&Ms maker Mars Incorporated, mooned over for years, has made little chocolate pellets candies to be imitated (Hershey's Hershey-Ets,for instance) and to be
enjoyed, thanks to Mars, with the solar system of colorful cnady shelled saucer like chocolate candies known for M&Ms.

"m" is inscribed on each..

These have been in

for years then in the last 20 years:
(fifty shades of grey m&m's, anybody?)

The candies have been traditionally sold in 2 to 3 inch long brown (chocolate. Get it?) paper-plastic bags, and, then later, at movie theatres, in boxes.

The candies by the early 50s became as beloved as animation and subject of all types of TV commercials and promotions.

What EXACTLY m&m's means may be anything, maybe Mars and Mars (but sure as hell ain't Marshall Mathers/Slim Shady), but the candy has been
so iconic that in the 1990s a major change occured:
more colors---grey, blue, etc. ususally on reader requeast as advertised on the bags, suddenly started to appear.

The modern day versions of Gumby/Pokey  creator, (already established in 70s before Aardman in UK became big here in North America (US and Canada), Art Clokey,
none other than Claymation(tm) maker and owner (it's HIS!) himself, Will "1987 California Raisins" Vinton himself, started doing 1990s M&M ads which gave them'
their persona (AND that "what IS it about the"..(fill in the color) "one").,

Of course, by the 1940s-50s, peanut versions were added, and after the more recent color broadening (even in specified pastel colors in candy stores!!) to include others,
'most of all:
Preztel M&M'S (yay, they';re back)
and even dark and LIME M&M's!!!!

Just some of them...

most recent is, at least theatrically in the age oif often repeated ads, spy-type and dating stories with M&M's  (Peanut M&M ad that you may recall, set in nighttime creepy mansion setting and limosuine:
Russian character:(subtitlews)"First, I'm going to unwrap you. THEN I';m going to EAT you". (English) M&M character:Yeah..uh(double take at the M&M eating announcement!) Wha..)
"Peanut M&M's for everyone"

Another one had various spy scenes, and movie scene riffs, introduced by "It's an Envolope", used (like the Geico ads) in the cinemas to urge theatre quiet.

Getting back to the candies, the M&Ms have certainly outlived imitations like Hershey Ets, though I enjoy those, only M&M's have m on them,while
H'Ets use one of the letters in "Hershey's" on them (don't worry, I'll get around to that..).And ALSO some off brand department store candies called POKIES!



AND the M&M's brand..!

And, on a last note, finally, HEY, they have TINY M&M's!

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