Sunday, March 27, 2016


Hey, it's been a whole year since this blog was created, and several long overdue months since last postiong, on the peanut butter candy bars, so to
keep things peanut butter, and now with Easter here, EASTER themed, I'll have at it here.

The time of year is here..(rhyme intended..sort of) Easter. Easter Eggs, Easter Rabbits, and stuff.

At this time expect tasty, chocolate, or marshmallow, or jelly bean, or other flavor
Easter Yeggs (like that late 40s Bugs Bunny cartoon...." I wanna an Easter Egg! I wanna an Easter Egg! I"
get the idea.:)) .

For years Reese's Have had their two "great tastes that taste great together..peanut butter/chocolate",with
"Reese's Peanut Butter Cup". They have ALSO made for a long time (the way Necco wafers begat the first
"Be Me Valentine" chalky candies) "Reese's Peanut Butter Egg". There used to be, at least in 1971 which
generally is when I recall the first use of this, the sung jingle (CAPS to show how the melody went):
"Ree-SESSSS....PEA-nut BUT-ter CUP"! (All rights belong to Reese's/Hershey's. My apologies for quoting,
it is just there for describing it.  I wonder if such a tune for a variant exists for Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.... it MIGHT be sung.........."Reee-SEEES.....PEA-nut BUT-er EGG!"

The egg is rather like Reese's, and Butterfinger..but in an egg..only had a bit of one today..was at my
brother/sister-in law's house and had a bit from an opened"WHere's that Easter Egg..
I want an.."((C)1946,1947,WB Entertainment..from Easter Yeggs,1947)

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