Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Easter Egg & I


Easter, which this year, came last month (March), late March, is one of the most happily and popularily
candy-associated times, for PeepsTM Marshmallow chicks, for any brands we can grab our mitts on of chocolate
rabbits, Circus Peanuts (which used to be a spring thing..), and ducks, but most of all, for Easter Eggs-Cadbury's
Creme-Filled egg and chocolate, Brach's, Hershey's and others.

Hershey's has parlayed that peanut butter cup of theirs into their Reese's Brand "Reese's...Peanut Butter EGG"
while Nestle, Brach, Spangler, and endless others have jelly beans, circus peanut banana mallow type easter
chicks and bunnies,etc.

Palmer is one of the candies that does a lot of chocolate bunnies and easter eggs. Back when I'd go easter egg hunting
around 1965-1973, I'd get a lot of cococnut or marshmallow eggs, including those marashino cherry ones a la Christopher's
(various;now Adams and Brooks) Big Cherry or the Chase Co.'s Cherry Mash. Sometimes I';d get Big Cherries themselves.

I particularly enjoy the big malted milk egg looking candies and several companies (thankfully!) still make these. After
Easter, post-holiday discounts make these easier to buy at RiteAid, Walgreens,et cetera et cetera.

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