Wednesday, July 20, 2016

They did the mash, the Cherry Mash

The Christopher's Big Cherry (now made by Adams and Brooks, the P-Nuttles folks, est.1887) is a well known lump of chocolate lumping its
brown yummy self aorund a pink nougat like fondant of maraschino cherry with a real cherry.

The Chase Cherry Mash is very similiar but without the longevity (1917- and the BC was already THIRTY YEARS old by then!-or the cherry).

The Idado Candy Company, located in Idaho and the maker of the Idaho Spud (which I have not had for ages), HAS made a Big Cherry/Cherry Mash like candy with a cherry,though.

I've had Chase's big Cherry when I go to Vegas, at the Lick candy store in Bally's lower level (south side of Flamingo road) and its pretty good, but they also have upstairs at the chekc in a store that guessed it, CX's Big Cherry, and sometimes I gotta have that cherry.. The Cherry Mash is exactly like the Boig Cheryr without the pit as said and is pretty good to eat and taste well, just so long that you don't expect any cherries. BY the way...although "cherries have pits" is on the other candies, I have NEVER experience ANY cherry pits in these.....

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