Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Candy Canes by Spangler

My latest, Christmas Eve, post, had a report on my getting Spangler (Bryan, Ohio)-made Circus Peanuts from CVS/Pharmacy (their own brand, Gold Medal) as a Birthday present on December 8, and Ill addm, by my niece and her new husband, aka my son in law, and enjoyed them as usual.

Spangler dosn't seem to be known for much outside these..and the Dum Dums lollipops (like Tootsie Roll. Or the one(s) that Amanda Bynes as Penny Pingleton brandished in the 2007 movie version of the musical take on "Hairspray"). AND Another..Candy Canes. One quesiton:L

Does anyone know if those are labeled Spangler? Often times something that small doesn't have their name (Circus Peanuts ARE large enough to have the name on them, as the do). Well,anyway, happp holidays.

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  1. Seems like these candy canes could be all combinaitons of stripes/flavors....The Cybele May Candyblog site, which hopefully now in 2017 will be updated, shows the Candy! anyway, Happy new new year..! (intentionally "new" 2 times.) Sweet, that is, new year! Steve