Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New year and the Happy irony of the fate of Wonka

Back after New Year's and happy New Yar's day to everyon and happy second anniversary of this generally retro-style candy blog. I have mentioned a lot of times, maybe not here but as, and I'll give my name here, SteveCarras, about ironically Wonka chocolate, a MAIN, (book/movies' title-relevant!-you know, "Charlie',"Wonk'a and chocolate) part of the legacy, has currently disappeared for the major Wonka country, USA, though the movie song "Candy Man" is used for rival M&M! (M&M/Mars). Wonka, IS owned by USA and international chocolate making Nestle, so the candy bars from Nestle are FAR well in supply..Nestle chocolate,e Butterfingers,etc. But I hear "Candy Man" from the original with M&M's..very good, but serving a rival..!

Hope you like this first news day post...

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