Monday, February 16, 2015


It's like a core of a well ripened carrot. It's orange. Coconut on the outside. Peanut Butter on the inside. And it's made out of Chicken. Just kidding.
But a Chicken USED to be on every wrapper of every offering of this candy, Lufkin, Texas-based Atkinson's (est.1932) much beloved (and I gotta say, very good) Chick-O-Stick
the rare food, roi candy, that anyone from meat eaters to vegans can eat (that's right...NO CHICKEN PRODUCTS!!). As with such candies as Annabelle's Rocky Road, this did not
even appear until the 1950s, but since then has been hugely beloved.
Another major has done for years the similiar Zagnut...but the ORIGINAL is best!
However, it can be like a Clark or Butterfinger on your fillings (if you have loose ones, so if you have loose ones, careful if at all).

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