Monday, February 16, 2015

Choward's Violet Mints

One of the sweetings that ANYONE can have is smelling the candy that they eat (hey, it helps the taste buds, bud!).
In 1930 C.Howard of New York State came up with an unqique idea, a rather chalky, soap, yummy, VIOLET---that's right,
you heard me right-----VIOLET candy and combined (in a "Brunch""Muppet","Bennifer""J-Lo" like pormanteau) his initial
and last name into a new "name":Chowards, scented it with his workers, and marketed it as "Choward's Violet".
The idea caught on, so fast the spearmint, lemon, and other variants, even a modenr day guava was done.
Eating the candy, one gets a rather crispy taste, like Necco wafers, but with a plesant aroma. The violet specific
flavor soon wasn't restricted to just Choward's...Mexico based Canel gum has for years been successful at using
violet flavoring,for isntance.
Speaking of gum, Chowards also immediately marketed (again, primarily in violet) chewing Gum. I saw both today
at the "retro candy store" It's Candy at Universal Studios Hollywood Citywalk, by the AMC Movie theatre (It's Candy
has other stores including one in the Les Vegas Venetian where I spied a holy Necco Grail--the famed chocolate wafers).
Haven't used the gum as I don't (normally) chew gum anymore.
But I enjoy the candy..

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