Monday, February 23, 2015


As Cameron Diaz said in Bad Teacher (Sony,2011):
That could apply to any sane person's reaction to wax...wax..WAX BOTTLES?
Since around the 1930s at least, the Tootsie People have marketed this retro collection of wax bottles guaranteed to quench your thirst..
and cure your hunger but fast (and take out your teeth, too, pretty much in the process), with soda, made of, of, SUGAR WATER??
Huh?? What gives. Serious....this is just easily done by spending money on a soft drink (or even better drnking from a drinking fountain)
And what's with the idea of thinking that children love or even LIKE eating wax.
They do not.
Generally speaking I disagree that a lot of candies are something that I myself would not like (as are a number of the ones on this blog), as I like the ones you'll see,
but Nik-L-Nips don't even have anything much besides WAX!!!!!! Why don't they just put out more wax lips. I'm SURE that THEY"ll gross (pun) a lot of money with that
(AS IN...Gross the presidents and ben Franklin right off the dollar bill.).
Just another reason to say "Bye, Bye, Tootsie Goodbye".

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