Monday, February 16, 2015

The very first TOOTSIE POP ad (1970)

As much as, as you'll see in future posts, we like to pick on Tootsie Roll, the pops are excellent..but this is a link anyway, to the iconic and perennial "Mr.Owl" ad back when it was the longer "Hey Mister Cow".

Jodie Foster's brother Buddy Foster is said to be the voice of the little boy you see walking around..
the always hilarious veteran Frank "Yessss!"Nelson supplies the voice of Mr.Cow, Paul Frees a la Peter Lorre as the owl, and according to what's been posted about, "Mork and Mindy" "Ork" Ralph James as the Turtle, Paul Winchell (it does sound like him vaguely) as Mr.Owl, and "Starkist' Herschel Bernardi as the narrator at the end.

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