Sunday, February 15, 2015


They're the size and the shape of a quarter.
In assorted, sometimes mismatched flavors and colors.
They have a crispy texture. Made in New England by the N[ew]E[ngland]C[onfectionery]CO[mpany] since 1847.
They are the original candy wafer, the Necco wafers.

Often derided on many Halloween and other candy polls, including Internet ones (right down to blogs and YouTube),
these often over maligned wafers have a long and very interesting history: started by an English confectioner named
Oliver Chase in 1847 as Chase and Co., and immediate sucess in God only knows which original flavor, then in 1901
as New England Confectionery Company as Necco, and in 1912 the above variety ALWAYS, ALWAYS in a roll in those
neat, waxed little candy rolls, and in every war possible, both in servicemen as well more recently in online candy wars,
and in many stores even today, they're there. ALong with the Circus Peanuts. And Kit Kats. And others.

Certainly too often maligned and derided yet these powdery candies have had a v ery long and interesting history.
In 2009-2011 a (very THANKFULLY) unsuccessful attempt to naturalise them, dropping lime with no way to replicate the color
faithfull, occrued, before the old-school type prevailed (though I've as of this year, 2015, came across the failed variety in a store..)
Necco itself has had a longtime affiliation with at least two other Massachusetts candy brands, both taffys, the Squirrell nut co.(guess which candy
and 1920s/40s/90s type swing band IT'S responsible for?) and C.Miller, responsible for Mary Janes, in 1988 buying out the MJ's and in 2004 the
They have also made at least some other products, including the Sky bar candy bar starting in 1938, so candy bars also come from them
(likewise comments like "Necco makes candy bars to rival Hershey, nestle, Buncha Crunh, Kit Kat and M&M such as Sky Bar but why do they
make such terrible **** like their wafers"(and the next mentioned) from among many others commentators on this blog's predeccesors), and
the wafer-based Valentine's hearts, since 1866, even trying in the last five years with a "hip" variant on such, "Twilight team"(Personally for
such hearts, I;'m Team Necco, others Team Brachs).
Surprsingly no Candy Corn or Circus Peanuts (what would those be like-same flavor/color match up as in the wafers or as already existing in the
candy itself, orange color/banana flavor?)

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