Friday, February 13, 2015


One of the oldest, most controversial, most sweetest, and most mysterious candies ever has to be the non-copyrighted, multiple-company
produced, inconsistent flavor/shape/taste Circus Peanut, which first showed up (as a Christmas type or years end candy) in the early 1800s,
maybe even before Necco (then Chase and Co.) Candy Wafers showed up in 1847, eventually by the 1940s winding up as an all year round bagged candy.
They're peanut shell in shape.
Orange in color.
Banana in Flavor.
Made by multiple companies.
And like dirty comic Louis Black might say as he did of candy corn, it's been recycled since 1910.

Even sold by THOSE VERY SAME COMPANIES to other packagers to MANY stores (ergo, Type A, Type X, etc. will be commonly and naively associated by us
average shopper as additional makers of Circus peanuts, yet one of the longest makers in the 20th century still making them, Spanglers, since 1941, has
their name on the candies, literally..I saw those in the Queen City brand in Big Lots(nee Pic and Save) stores. MIXED with some other brand.
The "peanuts", containing pig skin gelatin, corn syrup, natural or artificial flavor, color, are also made by Melster which also, like Spangler (best known for their
own trademakred lollipops, Dum-Dums), also has a working deal with store and indie brands that outsource them from Melster, as well as Farley and Sathers, and
Brach's, and no doubt they also have "peanuts" winding up repackaged. Kind of like, much like, Candy Corn, and in fact, comic Louis C.K.Black has said that all
candy corn was made in 1914, which some wags might just also say of Circus Peanuts.

Here's what a typical CIRCUS PEANUTS package might look like:

(OKAY, OKAY, if *I* made the candy.:))

Spangler, for one, has done Peppermint white Circus Peanuts and other flavors in addition to the orange color/banana flavor (maybe even Finger Nail Polish Remover flavor!:)) that
we would naturally normally associate with Circus Peanuts normally.

The strane delights can be found in everything from small bags to bulky ones...

Corn Syrup
(last two of choices)

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