Monday, February 16, 2015

Candy Corn

Another often debated, and "public domain" candy since 1880s like Circus Peanuts, the Candy Corn has been made by the same manyy companies..
The corn is very describale like follows:
Corn or tooth shaped (yeah, haters gonna hate as Taylor Swift might say), waxy texture, sugar and honey based, and usually (as I've head both regular and caramel in a Las Vegas Planet Hollywood candy shop new
2014-2015 New Years Eeve/Day) red on top, with an orange "body" (like that of a bee!) and white on bottom. Like freshly harvested corn kernels that an Indian--okay, Native American :)-just took from
the stalk (like in that old Gumby short "The Kachinas", keeping a link to my parent blog").
Recently, R-rated comic Louie Black said that all of the candy corn ever made was made about a hundred years ago (like circus peanuts!)
Candy Corn rates high on the lowest of expected treats on associated holiday, Hallowe'en, though I;'ve pretty much enjoyed it (in small does I gotta admit..I have mixed it with yogurt..:rolleyes":)
Look up candy corn on YouTube and it will rank as high as any on the most hated or most loved.
Whatever, it's been around in one of the longest spells, with here a known person tsaking credit, a confectioner named George Benniger. Also, it seems to that Brachs makes the most..especially with the'
Farley-Sathers merger.

Relaterd topic, Circus Peanuts.(As if you didn't know!).

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