Monday, February 16, 2015

FLICKS (The original)

(Note:This particular candy has been revived but at the size of double size chocolate chips, or mini non pareils. This review ONLY and ONLY pertains to the
Ghiradeli version sold since 1904 which had little silent movie guys on the tube.).
Flicks are a longtime personal favorite of mine, sold in the different mult (Technicolor(r) or Eastmancolor(r) tunesm, given the movie connections? :)) icolored
canisters,a tradition continued now with the inferioir revival. For generations, they'd be either lying around in movie theatres or in stores. Maybe if word gets out
to the current maker, the original will return (hey, Necco changed then reversed the change on their wafers). Some how, they were all the VERY same chocolate flavor.
But us kids didn't minds. Many ate them at the movies..or..flicks (by 1980, "Airplane!" was pretty much the last then current movie I saw till the late 80s or so).
I always HOPED for darki, mint whatever keyed to the canister color. Well, the new revival DOES have the same idea, just not all the details.

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